At Farenexus, we recognize the transformative potential of New Distribution Capability (NDC) and are committed to helping airlines and travel businesses harness its power at full potential and lead the ever-dynamic travel industry.

Revolutionizing Airline Content Distribution

Comprising experts in technology, aviation, and business strategy, our team combines technical proficiency with domain expertise to deliver tailored solutions that drive tangible results and drive sustainable growth.

Explore Our NDC Services

Dynamic NDC Content with Ancillary Products

Get full access to dynamic NDC content and ancillary products, allowing businesses to offer better and personalized travel booking experience.

Keep Track of the NDC Commission​

Stay updated with real-time tracking of NDC commissions, special promotions, and frequent flight rewards, enabling users to maximize earnings and take advantage of lucrative opportunities as they arise.

Corporate Profile and Policy Integration

Our NDC solutions are Fully integrated to the Farenexus Corporate Profile and Policy tool, allowing you to facilitate a hassle-free booking experience with one-click access to the corporate profiles ready to be utilized.

Customized Document Delivery:

Effortlessly share itineraries for review before booking, enhancing communication and collaboration between users and stakeholders throughout the booking process, ultimately leading to smoother transactions.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting Solutions

nexusNDC provides powerful analytics and reporting tools to track all transactions and integrate data for comprehensive business analysis. With actionable insights, users can optimize operations, make strategic decisions, and drive business growth effectively.

“At the core of everything that we do is a reflection of our values. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to present them with innovative solutions while ensuring that we're accountable and transparent with our results”

Trusted by Market Leaders

Farenexus is solidifying its position as a leading Technology Partner in North America, dedicated to revolutionizing the travel industry through cutting-edge technology solutions featuring NDC and GDS capabilities. We take pride in empowering businesses with comprehensive corporate booking solutions, contract management, process automation, and data-driven insights in customer/vendor management.