Welcome to the future of airline distribution with nexusNDC and nexusSand. Experience the synergy of nexusNDC ...

Welcome to the future of airline distribution with nexusNDC and nexusSand. Experience the synergy of nexusNDC and nexusSand as they work in tandem to elevate your airline's distribution strategy. From enhanced booking experiences for agents and corporate clients to automated customer onboarding and personalised content delivery, our comprehensive suite of NDC solutions empowers businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape. 

nexusNDC Revolutionising NDC Bookings

nexusNDC is a cutting-edge airline agency and corporate booking tool, revolutionizing travel management for businesses and travel agencies alike. With access to NDC content and advanced booking capabilities, nexusNDC empowers users to efficiently plan, book, and manage travel itineraries, driving productivity and success in the dynamic travel industry.

Dynamic Content with Ancillary Products

Seamless Corporate Booking Management

Advanced Analytics & Reporting


Streamlined Bookings with Intuitive Search:

Access booked and canceled PNRs instantly for streamlined management. Refine searches with precision, offering diverse filtering options for a streamlined booking process.

Dynamic Cart Management

Compare multiple itinerary options seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition to purchase.

Dashboard Customisation

Personalise features, optimising user experience and productivity for administrators. 

Customised Document Delivery

Share itineraries for review enhancing communication and collaboration between users and stakeholders.

Versatile Post Booking Options

Modify reservations easily, ensuring adaptability and customer satisfaction throughout the travel journey. 

nexusSand Revolutionising NDC Partner Onboarding

nexusSand revolutionises NDC solutions for seamless customer onboarding and automation in the aviation industry. With features like accelerated partner transactions, swift certification processes, and robust data validation, nexusSand streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures compliance, empowering businesses to thrive in the dynamic travel landscape. 

Streamlined Bookings with Dynamic Content

Simplifies bookings by offering dynamic content for enhanced user experience and efficiency. 

Pre-Built XML Structures

Access ready-to-use XML structures for faster customisation and deployment of transactions.  

Real Time XML Editors

Edit XML data instantly, ensuring accuracy and compliance with industry standards. 

Create & Execute Test Cases

Develop and run test scenarios efficiently to ensure system functionality and reliability.  

Test Data

Include credit card details for easy transaction testing, enhancing user convenience and efficiency. 


Start Transacting with New Partners 50% Sooner

Fast Certification Process

Maximise Quality Assurance & Audit

Elevate your airline operations with our comprehensive NDC solutions.

Say goodbye to complex booking & partner onboarding processes with nexusNDC and nexusSand.

Our NDC Partners

Air Canada

British Airways




Copa Airlines

American Airlines





Our Partnership with Air Canada

Air Canada picked Farenexus as their technology partner to build platforms for its agency partners to power its AC Connex NDC booking platform &  customer onboarding & automation.  

Air Canada's NDC Sandbox platform lets developers & partners test NDC APIs in a simulated environment, ensuring compatibility with the airline's systems before deployment. 
The AC Connex platform is a unique offering to the agency community that provides full Air Canada NDC content with profile integration to optimize the workflow for agencies. 

Client Testimonial

Keith Wallis

Senior Director Distribution and Payments - Air Canada

Air Canada is very excited to be working with Farenexus Group on this industry leading platform for our agency partners.We are convinced that NDC provides enormous opportunity to deliver greater value to the customer, their travel agency, and the airline. As we continue on our retailing strategy, AC Connex will provide travel agents with a simple and efficient new solution to access the entire suite of Air Canada products and provide their customers with the increased value that can only be enabled through NDC.

Trusted by Market Leaders

Farenexus is solidifying its position as a leading Technology Partner in North America, dedicated to revolutionizing the travel industry through cutting-edge technology solutions featuring NDC and GDS capabilities. We take pride in empowering businesses with comprehensive corporate booking solutions, contract management, process automation, and data-driven insights in customer/vendor management.